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Over the past four years, we have delivered activities to over 2,000 school-aged children to enable them to gain the knowledge, skills and qualifications they need to pursue the career of their choice. We support their progression through the early stages of their career to overcome barriers to employment and avoid long periods being NEET (not in education, employment or training). Through our School’s programmes, we aim to provide fair access to opportunity and enable young people to succeed and thrive.

We will be launching our new School’s programme, Pathways to Professions, in May 2019, funded by the Clothworkers Foundation.

Pathways to Professions is a 3-year programme which will support young people aged 13 – 15 years across three locations in England; London, Manchester, and Birmingham. This programme aims to help young people, at an early stage, to understand the breadth of career opportunities available in today’s economy and to enable them to acquire the requisite skills for success in the workplaces of the future.

We believe all schools should have an embedded programme of careers education and guidance that is known and understood by students, parents, teachers, and governors.

The programme aims to encourage young people to consider and identify the steps required to get involved in activities that not only fulfil their career aspirations but also help them realise their own potential in creating an environment of tolerance, fairness, and respect.

We also believe that young people should have a stable, structured careers programme that allows them to plan and reach their goals by working directly with employers to understand the skills and knowledge they need to thrive.

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