Social action

We are proud to be working across the country engaging schools, communities and young people to design and develop youth-led social action projects to improve the lives of young people living in their local communities, challenging negative perceptions and making a real difference.

You can read more about the incredible impact Communities Evaluation we made in 2019.

Social Action in Action

Schools and colleges get students ready for life, equipping them to be active citizens – both today and in the future.  You may already have an established programme across your entire school or college to engage students in social action and volunteering opportunities, or it may be something you are looking to introduce – either way, our resource is designed so that you can tailor it to your teaching needs.

Social Action projects can include activities such as campaigning, volunteering, and fundraising – all of which have a massive impact on local communities and young people.

Download the Community Social Action Toolkit to find out how to start you can start your own project in your school.

We’d love to inspire others with what you’re doing. Let us know what you’re up to by tagging us into your social media posts and updating our activities map!