Building a cohesive, safe and inclusive society should start from when children are very young.

We encourage children to build a cohesive, safe and inclusive society from an early age. 

Stephen Lawrence Day aims to: 

  • Provide every school-age child and young person with age and contextually appropriate opportunities to learn about Stephen Lawrence, his life and legacy
  • Celebrate and teach children the importance of respecting diversity, equality and inclusion
  • Reinforce the skills that children need in order to challenge discrimination and racism
  • Reflect on how we can Live Our Best Life. 

Our resources span various curriculum entry points. The presentations, teaching scripts, booklets and posters can be used for Stephen Lawrence Day on and around the 22 April and more generally in classroom or whole school activities. 

School Information Booklets & Poster

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School Leaders

School leaders and chairs of governors are well placed to tackle sometimes sensitive subjects related to racism, diversity and inclusion. You also know your communities and are likely to have resources and activities that will complement or reflect the themes of Stephen Lawrence Day.   

Use or modify our briefing materials and share these with staff, parents and governors. More information is available in our Information for Schools booklet. You can find staff briefing resources and suggested workshops for parents here.


Focus on how we are all special and different” and the importance of making good choices through our Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 assembly and associated lessons. While Stephen’s story is challenging, the purpose for children in early years is to encourage a respect for difference. Being kind, respectful and inclusive of others are key themes. 

Discover a range of resources, including an annotated reading list, related to individual children’s histories and identities. Learn about how communities are changing in the UK and around the world. 

EYFS & KS1 Resources

Primary (KS2)

Think about how children can be inspired to live their best life and make good choices through the lens of Stephen Lawrence’s early childhood with our Primary (KS2) assembly and associated lessons. 

Explore themes such as racism, institutional racism and discrimination in an ageappropriate way. Encourage discussion and plan in-class activities around building and living in a fair and just society, feeling loved, valued and safe, and striving for the best future. 

Primary (KS2) Resources

Secondary (KS3 & KS4) 

Learn about the love of Stephen’s family, their fight for justice and commitment to community with our Secondary (KS3 and KS4) assembly and associated lessons. 

Explore how the case into the racist murder of an innocent black person was dogged by institutional racism, contributing to a delay in identifying and prosecuting suspects. Discover a message of hope, dreams, justice and inspiration through the work of Stephen’s family and consider how they have inspired others to challenge racism and discrimination, and to live their best life. 

Secondary (KS3 & KS4) Resources

Post-16 & KS5

Learn more about the pervasive nature of racism and institutional racism and reflect on how these attitudes and behaviours impact us all with our Post-16 & Key Stage 5 assembly and associated lessons.  

Explore attitudes, behaviours and actions in relation to keeping safe, being respectful and taking positive action to challenge racism and discrimination. Discover a message of hope and inspiration. Stephen Lawrence was a young adult on the cusp of entering the workforce. Think about making positive choices to value and respect our own and others lives, and contribute as active, engaged citizens in multicultural Britain. 

Post-16 (KS5) Resources

Discover all Stephen Lawrence Day resources, including teaching aids, videos and a timeline of key moments in Stephen’s life and legacy. 

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