Social action

Join us in creating a fairer, more inclusive society. Inspire young people to build stronger, more collaborative communities by getting involved in Community Social Action for Stephen Lawrence Day.

We are proud to be working across the country engaging communities and young people to design and develop youth-led social action projects to improve the lives of young people living in their local communities, challenging negative perceptions and making a real difference.

Stephen Lawrence Day provides an opportunity for schools, youth and community groups, charities and others to come together to deliver a range of positive activities including; school-based activities, projects to encourage young people to reject the recent increases in serious violence, and activities ‘beyond the school gate’ to promote community integration.

You can read more about the incredible impact we made in 2019.

Social Action projects can include activities such as campaigning, volunteering and fundraising – all of which have a massive impact on local communities and young people.

Download the Community Social Action Toolkit to find out how to start you can start your own project in your school or local community.

We are proud to be working with the Volunteer Police Cadets, who are the nationally recognised police uniformed youth group throughout the UK to encourage more young people to make a positive impact in their community, using the power of young people’s influence on one another to encourage social integration through Social Action.

Together, we want to create positive change for local communities and the young people who live in them, by encouraging more young people to become social change activists.

We’d love to inspire others with what you’re doing. Let us know what you’re up to by tagging us into your social media posts and updating our activities map! 

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