Skool of Street

Skool of Street is a Blackpool based Arts Charity established in 2013. They provide young people from different backgrounds with opportunities that they wouldn’t usually engage with, teaching them new skills and techniques and enabling them to feel empowered by their work and achievements. Skool of Street works predominantly (but not exclusively) with urban art media such as hip-hop dance, graffiti art, music production, rap and lyric writing, physical theatre and spoken word. They offer workshops in all of these.

To mark Stephen Lawrence Day, Skool of Street will be running an MC & spoken word project that is suitable for all young people. It will offer opportunities for team building, developing social skills, increasing young people’s self-confidence and resilience whilst helping to prevent anti-social behaviour, reducing stress and giving the young people an all-round sense of inclusiveness, well-being and success.

Find out more about their work here.