Peer Power Youth

Peer Power Youth is an exciting new social justice charity based in London that promotes empathy towards vulnerable children and young people. They support these children and the agencies involved with caring for them to develop strong and trusting relationships, increase young people’s voice, improve their emotional health and well-being, and work together to transform services for children in need.

As part of Stephen Lawrence Day, we will be working with Peer Power Youth for a year to enhance the great work they are already doing with young people that have experienced significant adversity in their lives and have lived-experience of justice, social care and health agencies.

Peer Power’s ‘Peer to Professional’ project will enable its participants to become Peer Leaders, going on a journey of narrative therapy, storytelling, and public speaking to developing emotional literacy.

Peer Leaders will also be encouraged to engage positively with other young people and use their own experiences to create manifestos for change in health and justice services. In turn influencing policy and system change through engagement with agencies such as the Ministry of Justice, the Youth Justice Board, NHS England Parliamentarians, Youth Justice Services and the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime.

Find out more about their work here.