Join us in creating a fairer, more inclusive society. Inspire young people to build stronger, more collaborative communities by getting involved in Community Social Action for Stephen Lawrence Day.

How to get involved

Social Action projects to include activities such as campaigning, volunteering, and fundraising – all of which have a massive impact on local communities and young people. Download the Community Social Action Toolkit to find out how to start your own project.

We are proud to be working with the Volunteer Police Cadets, who are the nationally recognised police uniformed youth group throughout the UK. Together, we want to create positive change for local communities and the young people who live in them, by encouraging more young people to become social change activists.

We’re also pleased to award a small number of grants to community organisations for the inaugural Stephen Lawrence Day. Successful community groups will deliver activities to inspire and support young people to make positive choices in their lives and act in ways that allow them and those in their local community to live their best life. Grant applications have closed for 2019, but you can find information on alternative sources of funding for community projects here.

Read about Stephen Lawrence Day projects here.

We believe it’s important to help communities to act on the issues that matter to them and have collated a list of some practical toolkits on fundraising and capacity building.

Show your support

It’s never too late to get involved. There are plenty of ways to show your support, including:

  • Following our community groups delivering activities for Stephen Lawrence Day
  • Making a pledge ‘Because of Stephen…’ to make a positive difference in your local community
  • Trying activities in the inspire me section.

Our latest community projects

We want every young person to have the opportunity to make their voices heard, be the change they want to see, and help create a society that treats everyone with fairness and respect.