online dating sites free no required credit cardThe Lewisham BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) Network is a community development project, managed by the Stephen Charitable Lawrence Trust and funded by the London Borough of Lewisham.

The project aims to advance the cause of sustainable development among under resourced, emergent and established BAME community sector groups in the Borough of Lewisham struggling to navigate an increasingly austere fiscal environment.

The Network is comprised of over 120 BAME stakeholder groups, all working tirelessly to support Lewisham’s BAME community organisations and the communities they serve. The Network leverages and promotes a “Collaborative Impact model of community development” as a means of providing BAME groups with critical tangible and intangible resources. This model involves fostering improved communications and

working relationships between all Lewisham’s BAME stakeholders.


Image: Members of the BME Network


The Network is constantly listening to the “pulse” of its membership. Regular consultations with Network members have helped to raise issues such as BAME Health & Social care, Crime and violence and Education to prominence as focal points of concern and collaborative activity among Network members.

The Network works to support the sustainable development of BAME community groups and projects that seek to deliver positive outcomes in these areas of concern. Better resourced BAME stakeholder groups are encouraged to help less well-resourced groups through the sharing of skills knowledge and physical resources.

Through the Network members have enhanced access to regular learning opportunities and formal training, in areas including but not limited to Fundraising, Marketing and Governance At an individual level, the BME Network aims to enhance the leadership capacity of each of its members.


Image: A recent BME Network meeting

In this way we will enhance the quality and quantity of leaders available to BAME frontline community groups in the Borough.

Consistent with this approach the Network has collaborated to support Barbara Gray, Managing Director of Urban Dandelion and lead of the Networks BAME Health subgroup in a collaborative initiative with Lewishams NHS. This initiative aims to improve disproportionately poor health outcomes among BAME communities as reported in Lewisham NHS’s Market Positioning Statement, report of June 2017.

The Stephen Lawrence Trust has via its role in the Lewisham BME Network hosted several stakeholder events and provided strategic and mentoring support to members working to advance this BAME health initiative.