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  • We were awarded funding by the Big Lottery Fund (Reaching Communities) to run Career Pathway for three years. We are currently in Year 2 of the programme.

    The Education Act 2011 has resulted in a dramatic reduction in the amount of professional careers guidance on offer in schools. This has obviously had a negative impact on students. The BBC Workforce Survey (2014) showed that 88% of firms believe school leavers are not prepared for work. They cited a lack of soft skills, careers advice, and focus in educational institutions on the skills needed for work. We aim to tackle this with the Career Pathway programme.

    We have partnered with three schools in Lewisham and Greenwich to deliver the Career Pathway programme: Deptford Green, Sedgehill and Harris Academy Greenwich. We predominantly work with students in Year 9 (aged 13-14) and Year 10 (aged 14-15), as research has shown that early intervention is the most effective. However, we do offer activities to other year groups if requested by the schools.

    So far, we have worked with over 600 students, a number which is constantly increasing.

    We would love to extend the Career Pathway programme to more schools, but are currently restricted by funding.

    Click here to find out the different ways in which you and your organisation can support the Career Pathway programme.