Schools Progammes update – workshops and inspirational talks!


We have been extremely busy over the last few days with workshops and inspirational talks for our Transitions and Career Pathways Programmes. Starting with Harris Academy Greenwich, Year 8 and Year 9 groups had an employability workshop on the importance of networking and knowing how to sell yourself. During this workshop the students played games such as networking bingo and we discussed how to choose a career through their interests and hobbies. The students then learnt what to say about themselves in a 30 second commercial and practiced doing this with their peers.

Additionally, the Year 13’s at Harris Academy Greenwich had a workshop on finance. This was particularly important as all of the students were planning to go to University. The students used case studies to practice keeping on top of their finances and also discussed the difference between needs and wants. 

At Deptford Green we had a careers lunch with Leanne, Rich, Hope and Farhana from AEI Group. While SLCT served refreshments, the Year 11 students found out what it would be like to work in the music industry. They were introduced to a range of jobs within the company and also how each of the professionals got to where they are now. All of our visitors gave advice about being proactive and knowing how to network, which the students found to be extremely useful. 

The Year 9 students had a brilliant workshop ran by Magnus from Stiff and Trevillion. The students discovered what it would be like to be an Architect. They had a go at designing their classroom into a study space for older students. The Year 9’s came up with some great ideas and bravely presented them to their peers. 

Lastly, the Year 8 students had an inspiring talk from four professionals. Paddy Johsnton from Hachette, Ed Davey from Global Witness, Christine Gausden a Construction Project Manager and Peter Cater from Skanska. They spoke about what their professions entail and how they got to where they are now – which wasn’t always the direct route. The students left feeling more informed about the different career options available to them. One student said that after today they will,

“Think more differently about the job they want to do.”

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