Future Housing London Workshop – applications open!

Call For Young Londoners Aged 16-21

The Stephen Lawrence Charitable and Mæ Architects, urban designers and researchers. Mae design buildings that seek to address today’s urban, social and environmental challenges.

We have been commissioned by the Mayor of London to develop new Housing Design Guidance for London, which will advocate the best solutions for well-designed housing in the city. We are working alongside the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust to find young Londoners to help us in this endeavour.
Like the Mayor of London, we want this guide to ensure excellent housing is being built and that London’s available land is used to its optimum potential. Your opinions, those of the future generations of London, are enriching and invaluable to our development of this work

Please answer either one or both of the questions above in 250 words then we want you to apply with your answer for a chance to join the Mayor’s Housing Design Guidance team at City Hall for a workshop. This workshop will be open, frank and enlivening. We will present our ideas on emerging housing design and invite your views on how your city and communities may be affected by either significant regeneration or by the changes that smaller infill housing may bring.

Your input will not only help inform the Housing Design Guidance, the feedback from the workshop could be documented and published as part of the guidance.

Apply to take part in the Futures London Workshop at City Hall by Friday 24th August for the workshop taking place on Monday 29th August. Successful applicants will be notified on Monday 27nd.

Time & date of workshop: Wednesday 29th August 2018, 2 – 5.30pm



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